The CVSL Story

CVSL evolved from a revolutionary strategic vision to unite the power of social media with the power of relationship-based commerce.

Its chairman is John Rochon, a long-time micro-enterprise pioneer. Mr. Rochon recognized that the micro-enterprise industry was ripe for a dramatic new step. In September of 2012, Mr. Rochon founded CVSL, Inc., and assembled a board of directors that included experts from across the industry. He announced his strategy of making CVSL a platform for a constantly growing "consumer cloud." This virtual community gives tens of millions of people the ability to stay connected with others while engaging in micro-enterprise—earning independence while enjoying a range of unique benefits.

It's an extraordinary story — a fresh new way of looking at a channel of commerce that has proven its ability to change lives around the world. Maybe once in a generation, someone re-invents a sector of the economy. CVSL wants to open new doors in unifying social connections with commerce.

This extraordinary story represents a fresh new approach to a channel of commerce that has long proven its ability to change lives around the world. The re-invention of an entire sector of the economy is a once-in-a-generation occurrence. CVSL opens new doors and unifies social connections with global commerce.

Each company in the CVSL family maintains its own unique identity, leadership, brand and culture. The product lines and sales fields of the individual CVSL companies are not mixed. All companies benefit from shared ideas and shared resources in the "back of house," increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

CVSL currently has a presence in multiple categories, including home décor, gourmet foods and spices, nutritionals, skincare, home improvement and home security. More companies and categories are being continuously added to the fold.





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