The CVSL Story

CVSL is a unique portfolio of direct-to-consumer companies, led by an experienced management team, engaged in a long-term process of acquiring companies in this sector and maximizing returns for shareholders.

We define direct-to-consumer as any business selling products or services through a fully- commissioned, independent sales force, straight to customers via relationship-based selling rather than through retail stores, supported by the power of Internet support tools such as individualized e-commerce web sites.

Its chairman is John Rochon, a long-time pioneer in the direct-to-consumer sector. Mr. Rochon recognized that the industry was ripe for a dramatic new step. In September of 2012, Mr. Rochon launched his strategy of making CVSL a platform for multiple direct-to-consumer companies, each of which would keep its own brand identity, leadership, compensation plan, product line and culture.

Behind the scenes, CVSL would identify operational efficiencies, thereby increasing free cash flow and profitability. CVSL would continually add companies to its portfolio, scaling up to spread costs across an increasingly larger base.

We represent a fresh new approach in a proven channel of commerce that has long demonstrated its ability to change lives. In today’s world, there is a massive over-supply of labor; an estimated two billion people are either unemployed or under-employed. This direct-to-consumer sector meets that problem squarely, offering unlimited earning opportunities in every part of the globe.

CVSL has a presence in multiple categories. More companies and categories are being continuously added to the portfolio. In its first two years, CVSL has become one of the fastest- growing companies in the direct-to-consumer sector, climbing the ranks of the Top 100 companies in the sector as reported by Direct Selling News.




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