Micro-enterprise is a powerful economic force in today's world. If sheltered and nurtured, it can accomplish incredible things. As entrepreneurs climb, their earnings rise and they reach new heights of personal growth. CVSL champions micro-enterprise. For good companies that want to move upward, we can be your future.

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Announcing historic news:
CVSL has officially begun trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

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The first generation of social media companies got the “social” part right.     The next generation will merge social media with commerce, in the form of micro-enterprise.

That is the CVSL breakthrough.

Social media is sweeping the planet.     But social media companies haven’t figured out how to effectively turn their social networks into commerce.

They rely on paid advertising. That’s so “last century.” No advertising can match the power of personal relationships with family, friends, neighbors or colleagues.

CVSL revolutionizes the social media model. Unlike Internet social media companies trying to do commerce, CVSL is a growing group of micro-enterprise companies that connect social media networks into a desirable and ever-expanding virtual “community.” Commerce is already in our DNA.

We call our growing base of millions of connections the “consumer cloud.” Every time another micro-enterprise company joins CVSL, we increase the number of connections with whom we have a relationship. Everyone who’s connected to the CVSL cloud can be offered discounts and other benefits on an unlimited number of products and services.

The result: Tens of millions of consumers all of whom have an economic incentive to join, sell, buy from and remain with CVSL’s virtual community.

CVSL intends to be the first true social commerce company of this century.



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